What are geothermal heat pumps, ground water or water water?

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Geothermal heat pumps are called so because they take their free energy from soil or water.
Practically geothermal heat pumps, ground water or water water have the same unit, the difference being the type of collector used.

In the category of water or geothermal soil heat pumps, all existing heat pump variations that can be extracted from soil or groundwater can be included here. pompe de caldur

The unit in which the condenser and the compressor of the geothermal and electronic heat pump is the same but the evaporator can be connected in different ways according to the free source, from where it will be named.

Thus, we can connect to open water wells or drills with samples, horizontal drilling, horizontal drilling with microchannels or collecting systems from river water or lake.

There are collector systems that can recover part of the sewage heat, low depth drillings in which helix samples or so-called heat pans are placed.

There are also some variants of heat pump where the evaporator is replaced by boreholes executed directly with the copper pipe and the refrigerant is injected into the soil.

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