Round outings in Africa, America, Asia, Oceania, Arctic-Antarctic and Europe “Experience nature positively”

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Round journeys with undamaged journeys with this guiding idea Intakt-Reisen 1996 in Berlin with a then still small catalog of spherical travels as the then first natural online travel supplier went to the beginning. Initially centered on a few, then amazing locations such as New Zealand , Tanzania , South Africa and Costa Rica , we’ve carried out our ideas increasingly more fully now, with many devoted customers as an expert provider of spherical trips, dynamic travel and character travel in small groupings, also considerably above the German Edges known. Over time, our program has been consistently expanded to add new spots, including Iran , for example .Ethiopia – and Cuba journeys to our profile.

Whenever choosing our trips, we’ve always taken notice of a coherent theory, typical accommodations and a reliable head to guide. In places where we have been dealing with very sensitive ecosystems, we ensure that dynamics preserves and protects aspect through payment and recovery programs. round trips

On our spherical trips you’ll get to know the top as well as the unfamiliar, cultural and scenery highlights of the spot. In doing this, we add great importance to providing you as personal gain access to as is possible to the people in the vacation destinations, to be able to get near the day-to-day and ethnical conditions.

In our effective tours , the energetic connection with the natural beauties of the united states is in the foreground. Based on your trouble you will see us with modest hikes , bike trips , canoe and kayak travels to challenging rock climbing or even expeditions.

Our nature excursions concentrate on the knowledge of scenery and animals in the guts. The intensive connection with dynamics in small groupings lets you go through the beauty and fascination of the vacation vacation spot in the most seductive way.

Around you can experience your chosen travel in small groupings, as a family group trip or solely as several. Find your individual vacation spot among our circular trips, active trips and nature vacations. Please come to us: We help you neutrally and help you with the perfect planning of the next dream trip. Depend on the greater than twenty years of connection with intact travel, if you too want to “experience aspect actively”.

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